Sidewalk Concrete Levelling

Sidewalks tend to move up and down a lot due to dampness changes within the soil, tree roots, etc. It can be a tremendous problem! Thankfully with our poly concrete leveling system, we will keep your sidewalks straight, a smooth resulting in increased security for your workers and guests!

Unlevel concrete is one of the driving causes of falls on the commercial property surpassed only by ice! The insane thing is most businesses as of now shovel their walkways and salt them to avoid falls but don't continuously keep up the walkways due to them being unlevel.

Each year individuals drop on ice and businesses are not held responsible since they took reasonable measures to avoid the accident. Having improperly kept up concrete can result in harm and certainly appears negligence.

It's important to recognize security issues like this and repair these sorts of issues before they ended up major issues costing the company thousands.

Does your sidewalk require a lift? Concrete sidewalks can sink as a result of water erosion or soil that's compacting overtime clearing out a void. Fixing the problem has gotten easier, faster and more convenient than ever. Sunny South Insulators offers polyurethane foam, the latest in concrete levelling solutions. 


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