Residential Concrete Levelling

In Calgary, our fluctuations in temperature, moisture and soil movement can cause settling and sunken concrete. This can lead to tripping hazards and other problems. While traditional mudjacking over the years has been used to raise concrete, polyurethane foam has become the leading solution to the problem. Sunny South Insulators has significant experience in utilizing high-quality spray foam to lift and level sunken concrete.

Sunny South has used polyurethane to lift and level all types of concrete including sidewalks, stairs, patios, garage floors, driveways, basement floors, pool decks and pathways as well as for void filling and soil stabilization. No project is too big or too small. We understand that even the smallest of concrete levelling problems can cause issues. So if you are tired of being punched in the gut by your shovel in the winter because of uneven concrete or may even the small speed bump that you have to deal with every day pulling into your driveway or your garage, we can help.

We have years of experience and have sourced out the best product so as to ensure that you have a quality job done right. Using our polyurethane foam, we can have your concrete lift and levelled in a matter of hours, not days. Once we are completed you can be using the surface right away with minimal impact to the landscape or the cement.

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