Garage Concrete Levelling

Shifting garage floors can be a major issue in both old and new homes. In more seasoned homes, garage floors can settle over the years, bringing about split floors sloping several directions, leaving a once excellent concrete floor looking demolished.

In fresher homes, this can occur if the temporary worker didn't appropriately compact the soil or media beneath the concrete when it was poured. This can result in concrete sections that sink, leaving an uneven floor with stumbling risks.

While substitution of cement in the garage can be a cumbersome task, with our poly concrete levelling system, it is a long way from that! With concrete levelling, we can without much of a stretch, lift the indented pieces of cement and spare you a great deal of cash compared to replacing the concrete.

Even all the more energizing that inside 24 hours, you can begin pulling your vehicle back in the driveway again since it has a quick fix time! The polyfoam we use in our concrete levelling system is environmentally friendly being produced using reused foam. It is additionally very inflexible once cured, leaving a strong material that doesn't separate after some time and doesn't ingest water as it is a closed-cell foam.

If you have an uneven garage floor, we can help. Sunny South Insulators uses polyurethane foam to level garage floors. This is the latest technique in levelling floors and has quickly surpassed slab jacking and mudjacking as the best solution in North America.

As well, your driveway concrete can become uneven with the garage leaving an undesirable gap between your drive and garage floor. We can lift the driveway to even the garage floor with the driveway. 

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