POLYURETHANE CONCRETE RAISING TECHNIQUEOur repair technique provides for the controlled lifting of individual slabs of concrete by applying expansive polyurethane foam beneath the surface of the slabs. This process lifts and levels the concrete as well as stabilizes and seals the concrete slabs avoiding any further damage from water erosion. Recently, polyurethane foam concrete lifting and levelling has become the best process to fix sunken concrete as opposed mudjacking which was a more commonly used method for lifting fallen concrete. Mudjacking and polyurethane achieve similar results, although the process by which those results are achieved are completely different.
Mudjacking is done by injecting a mixture of sand, water and cement through 1-5/8″ holes under the concrete using hydraulic pressure to lift the sunken concrete. The mixture is very heavy weighing 100-110lbs per cubic foot of material. BENEFITS OF POLYURETHANE CONCRETE RAISING VS. MUDJACKINGMudjackingConcrete raising and levelling with polyurethane foam is much better than mudjacking. Polyurethane foam consists of a safe liquid polymer foam injected through dime-sized holes into the lose unstable soil below the concrete. The high-density polyurethane foam expands and stabilizes loose soils and lifts and levels the concrete. After a short period (15minutes) the foam is cured. The foam only weights about 2 pounds per cubic feet. There are several benefits to polyurethane foam including:● It is inert, non-toxic and environmentally safe.● Impervious to moisture● Impervious to decay● Concrete Levelling polyurethane foam process utilizes a much smaller, 5/8″ hole (about the size of a penny). Following the repair, those holes are filled with a cementitious grout to match the surrounding concrete.
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