Sunny South's Process for Lifting & Levelling Concrete

Sunny South's Process for Lifting & Levelling Concrete

Sunny South has been working with polyurethane foam for more than a decade.  We understand the benefits of polyurethane foam for lifting concrete better than other methods.  Our process for providing a quality solution and services in a matter of hours and not days is as follows:

1. We drill 1-inch diameter holes into the sunken concrete in strategic locations that ensure that the concrete will lift and level properly.

2. Injection ports are inserted into the concrete and foam is injected through these ports so as to lift and level the concrete.  Having knowledge of foam and its expanding properties ensures that the concrete is not lifted beyond that which is required

3. The last step of the process is to fill the holes with a non-shrinking grout 

The A-1 Concrete Leveling Cleveland West process for leveling concrete, sometimes called mudjacking, allows us to return uneven concrete to its original level position without the cost of pouring new concrete. At it's simplest form, we fill any void under your slab with a slurry mixture which in turn lifts the concrete in place. It is safe and effective for many applications and in most cases can be completed in a matter of hours instead of days for new concrete.

  1. Small holes (1-inch diameter) are drilled through the sunken concrete block at strategic locations.
  2. A finely crushed, highly dense limestone aggregate (sometimes combined with Portland cement), is combined with water in a “slurry” consistency then pumped into the holes. Once any voids, created by erosion or soil compaction, have been filled, the block will begin to rise. As the slurry begins to flow under the slab, it exerts an even pressure across the entire slab and can easily raise the concrete. Through strategic placement of the drilled holes, and control of the amount of material injected into each, the block will be carefully raised into final position.
  3. During the last step, the drill holes are patched and smoothed out.

Applications for polyurethane foam lifting and levelling include: sidewalks, patios, pools, driveways, steps, porches, garage floors, and interior slabs.

NOTE:  You can save over 100 % by lifting and levelling your concrete then replacing it.